Сертифицированный нутрициолог
Специалист по хелированию, терапии аутизма, MAPS (DAN доктор)
Привет! Меня зовут Алекса, я дипломированный специалист нутрициолог. В моей копилке знаний множество различных дипломов, сертификатов и квалификаций. Я помогаю начать новую здоровую жизнь, фактически с чистого листа. Определить проблемные места в вашем организме и пути выздоровления и восстановления.
Дипломы и сертификаты
High sport education (Boston sports Academy, 2004 Graduate) and 12 years experience on sport scene.
I am a winner of National Tournament of Boston 2014 and Boxing annual women contest of Boston in light weight.
I've been practicing as a coach for 10 years, working with young and adults.
I am an active participant in long-distance running competitions in Boston.
I have a wide knowledges not only in sports techniques but in medicine.
I usually improve myself in different sport directions
Семинар в Казани
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More information
Preparing for competitions
This is a special program for advanced athletes. If you are looking for more professional increase, I will create a special intensified programs for you.
More information
This is a program for those who has suffered in some accidence and is under rehabilitation. I have a special methodic of full recovery regardless of the severity of injury
More information
Well-balanced exercise program
I explore every client's health and body particular qualities. I select fitness program according to your health.
Good Support
Everybody knows that proper nutrition is a half of a benefit. I generate a special menu for every client.
Online trainer
As your online trainer I am always available by Watssup and phone. Call me to give a workout report or even tell me how you fill that day.
Highly qualified support
I am a certified professional trainer with 12 years in sport industry background.
Here you can see some testimonials from my wards. They have a great success in sports now!
Take your first free training
Live a request for the first training. I will connect with you in the nearest future
I offer high qualified and honest trainings for real people. Connect me to ask any questions and come for workout!


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